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Removing heavy metals from your blood.

Chelation Therapy is a heavy metal detox protocol that aids in the prevention against potential deleterious health effects. The removal of heavy metal from the blood improves circulation  and overall function which in effect can potentially break down or produce what each individual body has a surplus of or is deficient in. Chelation Therapy could be successful in improving inflammation and blockage in arteries, balancing cholesterol levels, and improving overall blood vessel function that is vital for overall health.

How does it work?

Chelation refers to a process by which ions and molecules in a certain agent bind to metals and minerals in the body. Chelation is used to detoxify and will bind to harmful metals or minerals in the body, which are then excreted through the urinary system. We offer different type of chelation IVs at Innergy. Various chelating agents have affinities for different heavy metals and we customize our chelation to our patients needs. Below are the chelating agents we use at Innergy Integrative Medicine.

Calcium EDTA: is used for the removal of heavy metals, particularly lead.

DMPS: is also used for the removal of heavy metals  but binds more heavily to mercury.


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