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Medical ozone, in short, is a non specific, natural, and safe therapy used to regulate your immune system and augment healing and recovery.

Don’t you love that fresh smell right after a lightning storm?
That’s the smell of Ozone.

There is good ozone and bad ozone.

When you hear about ozone, it’s usually about bad ozone, atmospheric ozone created by our cars and factories.

Natural ozone is created by the sun or a lightning storm.

What is Ozone?

  • Ozone is a very strong oxidant.
  • It is a natural gas with three atoms of oxygen connected together.
  • It is a very powerful sterilizer. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and odors in vitro.
  • It is the third most powerful oxidant after fluorine and per-sulfate.
  • Ozone is very reactive (oxidative).
  • It is used by medical professionals in regenerative therapies.
  • There are two types of ozone: Medical and Other.

History of Medical Ozone

  • Ozone was first manufactured in Germany in 1857.
  • Dr. John Kellogg used ozone in steam saunas in Michigan in 1880.
  • In 1904 US Surgeons Generals approved the publication by Charles Marchand on “The Medical Use of Ozonated Water and Oil.”
  • In World War One Allied forces used Medical Ozone to disinfect wounds and fight the effects of poisonous gases.
  • In 1915 Dr. Albert Wold used medical ozone to treat colon cancer, cervical cancer, and decubitus ulcers.
  • In 1938 Dr. Aubourg and Lacoste publish their success of using Medical Ozone to treat over eight thousand cases without side effects.
  • In 1990, Cuban uses Ozone to treat glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and retinitis pigmentosa.

Applications of Medical Ozone

Ozone is used in many municipal drinking water systems to naturally kill bacteria. It is used to disinfect laundry in hospitals, food factories, and decontaminate operating rooms. Its powerful oxidative nature is also very useful against deodorization of air and objects such as fabrics. It is also used as safe alternative to chemical pesticides to kill insects in stored grains.

Medical Ozone

Must be free of contaminants. That’s our first priority.
Medical Ozone’s reactive nature will oxidize plastic, rubber, metal, and latex. That’s why we use medical grade ozone generators to produce our ozone from pure oxygen in a closed system. Medical oxygen constitutes about 95% of the ozone gas used in our medial ozone machines.

Our medical grade ozone generators use Quartz Glass and silicon tubes to safely create ozone using medical grade oxygen. These components do not react with ozone and don’t create toxins. When ozone comes in contact with plastic, metals, rubber, and ceramic it creates unwanted byproducts. These byproducts can create side effects.

Ozone in Pharmacology

Ozone is used in pharmacology to regulate the immune system. Ozone can stimulate, increase oxygenation of, tissue activity. It is a powerful platelet activator which helps increase healing and augments recovery. In Pharmacology, ozone is used to improve circulation and other cellular activity by naturally boosting your body’s ability to heal itself. Find out how Medical Ozone therapy can help you! -click here to find out.

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