Both men and women face fertility challenges, and these challenges can take physical and emotional tolls on a couple. Conventional treatments can be extremely expensive and complicated, so many who struggle with infertility seek alternative solutions that are more manageable.
In the United States alone, 13% of women aged 15-49 experience impaired fertility according to the centers for disease control and prevention. Naturopathic Medicine with its holistic approach that has helped countless couples resolve their fertility concerns and conceive easily and safely.
Looking at the bodily functions as a whole, naturopathic medicine reviews all possible misalignments within the body in both men and women that can be a factor in their struggles with fertility.

Common imbalances causing infertility are:
●Polycystic ovaries
●Thyroid imbalance
●Adrenal Fatigue
●Autoimmune response
●Environmental toxins

Comprehensive labs ordered by the doctor will give a deeper look within and prepare a treatment plan that’s specific for individual needs. Book a consultation with Dr. Melikyan to go over all your past and present medical history and provide a treatment plan that is most suitable for you.