IV Therapy

IV therapy has been actively used in medicine for about half a century. Modern medicine has increased the use of IV therapy because of new discoveries and advancements. Over the years, there has been refinement and development of IV drip systems and countless successfully treated patients. IV therapy is a great way to get all vitamins, minerals, and amino acids quickly and efficiently directly into the body. At Innergy Integrated Medicine, we formulate custom IV drips just for you. These customized IV bags are designed to help your body bounce back quicker and respond faster to treatments.

IV Nutrient Therapy is the process of infusing concentrated nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This increases the nutrient concentration and bioavailability to the cells of the body. IV therapy is useful in situations where there is compromised digestive health or when there is a need for immediate and concentrated nutrient delivery for rapid immune support, healing and regeneration.

Pre-formulated IV Bags:
●Nutrition Boost (Restore the body’s nutritional banks)
●Healing + Recovery (Heal faster and reduce recovery time)
●Weight-loss (Reach weight loss goals and nourishing the body from within)
●Sports Recovery (Recover quicker after a tough workout)
●Sleep + Mood (Improve the quality of sleep and balanced mood)

Custom IV bags
● After a close analysis of lab results ordered by Dr. Melikyan as well as any subsequent testing, there will be a recommended IV drip regimen designed specifically for individual needs. Dr. Melikyan uses a variety of his clinical resources to tailor custom IV bags that are case specific for each individual.

IV Push
● Myers Push – Ingredients vary, but usually include: Magnesium chloride, calcium gluconate, B complex, and Vitamin C.
● Cold Buster Push – Fight back with our cold buster push! It will recharge your immune system and boost your recovery.

● Based on individual needs Dr. Melikyan may recommend custom nutrient shots (example: B12, Immune Booster, Anti-Inflammatory, etc.)

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